Response to Press and Journal article, 11th August 2016 “Gaelic signs could cost you millions”

The establishment of Bòrd na Gàidhlig was one of the measures introduced under the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act, passed by the Scottish Parliament in 2005, having received cross-party support. Gaelic Language Plans are another key aspect of the Act. The aim of the legislation is to secure Gaelic for the whole of Scotland and Gaelic Language Plans are central to turning this ambition into reality. The Bòrd works constructively with local authorities across Scotland to grow Gaelic, as part of the rich tapestry of language communities which makes up our multilingual and multicultural country .

Aberdeen has a growing Gaelic community and the Gaelic Language Plan aims to ensure that this continues to be the case, in a reasonable and proportionate manner. Signage is replaced periodically due to normal wear and tear, and replacement of these offers a good opportunity to include some Gaelic at little additional cost and not millions of pounds as the headline may suggest.