Gaelic Language Act Implementation Fund (GLAIF) 2021/22

This scheme is currently closed, with the next round expected to open in January 2022.

Successful applications 2014-15 to 2020-21 can be found here, with further details on projects from 2018/19 onwards available through GrantNav.

The Gaelic Language Act Implementation Fund (GLAIF) was established to help public authorities in the delivery of commitments in their Gaelic Language Plans, and in support of the National Gaelic Language Plan.  GLAIF has also been used to assist other public authorities in the delivery of projects ahead of their formal notice to produce a Gaelic Language Plan.

This fund will support projects which will commence and be fully completed between 1st August 2021 and 31st August 2022 (alternative timelines can be proposed if discussed with Bòrd na Gàidhlig officers prior to submission). It is not anticipated at this stage that there will be any further GLAIF rounds for projects in the financial year 2021/22.

The scheme will support projects that look to achieve one of the following:

  • Promoting Gaelic usage and building capacity for Gaelic development in the community, especially among young people
  • Promoting the status, consistency and availability of Gaelic through the general services and communications of the authority
  • Strengthening the Gaelic skills, promoting awareness of Gaelic and creating more opportunities to use Gaelic among public authorities and their staff
  • Promoting the development and expansion of Gaelic education (GME and GLE) and adult learning of Gaelic
  • Providing opportunities for young people to use Gaelic in the workplace and to develop work skills

The closing date for applications is 3pm on Thursday 22nd April 2021.

Guidelines for Applicants and an application form can be accessed below.

If you have any questions, or would like to book an online session to discuss proposed projects with Bòrd na Gàidhlig officers, please contact

GLAIF 2021/22 Key Points

GLAIF 2021/22 Guidelines

GLAIF 2021/22 Application form (Word)

GLAIF 2021/22 Application form (PDF)

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