COVID-19 (Coronavirus) & GLAIF 2020/21

With the situation relating to COVID-19, we appreciate that this will have an impact on the ability to submit an application for GLAIF 2020/21.

We would like to offer flexibility to organisations so that they can make an application to us.

We’re happy to confirm that we are willing to accept applications after the deadline of Thursday 16 April 2020.

If you are expecting to make an application, but you believe it will not be possible to send a complete application to us before the April deadline – we would appreciate if you could please send information to with:

  • A summary of the project that you will be seeking funding for
  • An idea of the level of funding you will be requesting from GLAIF
  • An idea of the timeline that you would expect for the project

In making funding awards, we will prioritise application as follows:

  • Applications that are received before the deadline (16 April)
  • Applications that are received after the deadline WITH information provided to us beforehand
  • Applications that are received after the deadline WITHOUT information provided to us


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