Will introducing bilingual services cost more?

A: It may cost more in the short term but there are long-term benefits and costs can be kept to a minimum through effective planning.

How can we incorporate two languages without compromising design and branding principles? Will it weaken our brand?

A: Bilingual branding is used as standard internationally and has been shown to increase brand strength if developed creatively. Gaelic provides a unique selling point and distinctiveness to a Public Authority. Again planning and ‘thinking bilingually’ from the outset is key. More information is available here.

Will Gaelic put off those whose first language is not English?

A: Research has shown that this is not the case and that in fact Gaelic engages interest and often provides a ‘feel good’ factor. Many people will already have more than one language and will be well acquainted with using two languages or more on a daily basis.

What do we do if demand/uptake of Gaelic services and resources is low?

A: Remain focussed on the long-term picture – development increases demand but there may be a time lag. Review the extent to which the use of these services is promoted and encouraged.

How do we manage the additional burden of working bilingually?

A: Bilingual staff are able to carry out their role in Gaelic and English and can switch between languages, representing added value. If staff are up-skilled they become more confident and committed and are able to respond to all customers effectively.

What are the benefits of Gaelic to organisations?

A: There are many benefits including engaging with Gaelic speaking staff and other stakeholders and also wider cultural and economic benefits.