Plan Implementation

The Gaelic language plan’s intended outcomes will be achieved most effectively when there is a clear understanding that implementation and monitoring is a corporate responsibility. Implementation of the plan’s targets should be mainstreamed as part of on-going strategic and operational planning. To achieve this, it is recommended as best practice that each organisation establishes and maintains an internal Gaelic development and implementation group with representation from across the organisation.

The 2005 Act places responsibility on the Bòrd for monitoring progress with implementation of Gaelic language plans. This process requires the public authority to provide information regarding all commitments in the plan annually on the date on which the plan was approved.

Below, those who are implementing Statutory Gaelic Language Plans will find helpful resources that will support them throughout the implementation of each iteration of their plans.

Some of the PDFs on this page may not be screen-reader accessible. If you require any of these documents in an alternative format, please email

Gaelic Communications Guidance

This resource will provide basic words and phrases in Gaelic that can used in communication with the public and stakeholders.

Answering the Phone

Writing Letters and Emails

Gaelic Plans Fund

The ultimate intention is that costs of services that are committed to in Gaelic language plans should become integrated into the normal running costs of the organisation. To keep costs to a minimum, they should be introduced through a rolling programme of change on an incremental basis. The Bòrd recognises that in the early stages of a plan, some additional costs may be incurred. In light of this, public authorities may bid for assistance through the Gaelic Plans Fund (formerly known as GLAIF) which opens to bids on an annual basis.


Bòrd na Gàidhlig and partners have developed the nationwide #cleachdi initiative to enable Gaelic speakers and learners to be more visible to one another and to promote the use of Gaelic in public spaces.

Learn Gaelic

The Learn Gaelic website is a resource for everyone who has an interest in developing Gaelic language skills.

Translation services and Gaelic Awareness sessions

There are many groups and individuals that offer translation services and Gaelic awareness/ Gaelic language training sessions. If information is required about either of these services, please contact our plans officers.