The #cleachdi Initiative

Bòrd na Gàidhlig and partners have developed the nationwide #cleachdi initiative to enable Gaelic speakers and learners to be more visible to one another and to promote the use of Gaelic in public spaces.

For info on the #cleachdi at home initiative to support Gaelic usage at home, see here.

For info on the #cleachdi survey and focus groups for young peoplesee here.

Order #cleachdi Resources

Due to our offices currently being closed, we are not currently accepting or fulfilling #cleachdi orders.

If you are a public sector body or community group seeking to encourage your Gaelic speaking staff/volunteers to show they speak Gaelic then #cleachdi resources are available to order below.

Up to 10 lanyards / 10 badges / 10 A5 posters / 20 stickers / 5 window stickers may be ordered using the form below.  Choose how many items are required from the drop-down menus.

For larger orders or if you wish to develop your own #cleachdi resources please contact Bòrd na Gàidhlig on 01463 225454 or

Unfortunately, Bòrd na Gàidhlig cannot fulfil orders outside of the UK.

Online Resources

Download a copy of the #cleachdi poster, logo and e-mail footer below.

Using the #cleachdi logo

Anyone is welcome to use the #cleachdi logo.  We kindly ask that when doing so that you follow the brand guidelines – available to view here.

Learn Gaelic

If you wish to learn Gaelic then please visit the Learn Gaelic website for online resources and list of classes throughout Scotland.