Corpus Planning

Corpus planning – that of words, sounds, idioms and language structures – is a part of language planning. Language planning is about policy intervention, and corpus planning is part of the detailed support in progressing linguistic practices.


LearnGaelic Dictionary

LearnGaelic Thesaurus

Am Faclair Beag
An English–Gaelic dictionary incorporating Dwelly

SMO Faclairean Gàidhlig
Links to Gaelic dictionaries and details about them

DASG Briathradan
Online hub for finding and distributing terminology

DASG Faclan bhon t-Sluaigh
Questionnaires, wordlists and sound recordings collected in Scotland and in Nova Scotia.  More information about DASG can be found on their website.

Dictionary of nature words

An Seotal
Terminology database for Gaelic-medium subject teaching in the secondary school

Seotal 2011
Translation by the Seotal panel of the headwords in the Dewey Decimal Classification

HES Gaelic Thesaurus
Vocabulary relevant to the historic environment



Guidance on present day usage

DASG LEACAG Grammar Guidance

Mìrean (Gaelic only)
Guidance on the main patterns and how they can be employed by teachers



Ainmean-Àite na h-Alba
Authoritative information on Gaelic forms of place-names and a searchable OS map

OS Gaelic Origins of Place Names
List of terms, with pronunciation guide

Scottish Place-Name Society
Support for all aspects of toponymic studies in Scotland



SQA Gaelic Orthographic Conventions (GOC)
2009 edition, English version



Typing in Gaelic
Guide to computer settings to include Gaelic

DASG Corpas na Gàidhlig
A comprehensive electronic corpus of Gaelic texts

DASG Cluas ri Claisneachd
Audio archive of Gaelic and English dialects with transcription and subtitles

Kist o Riches
Oral recordings with transcription of stories, songs, music, poetry and information

Faclair na Gàidhlig
Creating an historical dictionary of Scottish Gaelic

Annotated Reference Corpus of Scottish Gaelic



Ó Maolalaigh et al. 2014 Corpus planning
Bauer et al. 2009 Corpus technology


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