Reappointment of Mairi MacInnes as Chair

The Cabinet Secretary for Education and Skills, Ms Gilruth, yesterday announced the reappointment of Mairi MacInnes as Chair of Bòrd na Gàidhlig.


Mairi MacInnes has over time held numerous leadership roles within her local community relating to Gaelic language & culture, education and community development: spanning early years, primary and adult learning.  Mairi, former head teacher of Sgoil an Iochdair, was also a member of the 1+2 Approach to Language Learning Group in the Western Isles.  Mairi is Chair of Cnoc Soiller Ltd, and a founder board member of Ceòlas Uibhist, the highly acclaimed Gaelic arts organisation. She has also sat on the board of a number of national organisations, such as the Scottish Arts Council and Comataidh Craolaidh Gàidhlig. Mairi lives in South Uist.

Mairi MacInnes has been the Chair of Bòrd na Gàidhlig since 16 March 2020.


This reappointment will be for two years and will run from 16 March 2024 to 15 March 2026.

This reappointment is regulated by the Ethical Standards Commissioner