Gaelic Education Grants Scheme Opens to Applications

Bòrd na Gàidhlig are happy to announce that the Gaelic Education Grants scheme has opened to applications this week.

This funding scheme was set up to support those currently working towards a career in Gaelic teaching or Gaelic-medium teachers looking to develop their professional skills.

Support for course fees is available for all taking an eligible course, as long as they are not eligible for SAAS support, as well as support for living expenses.

Who can apply?

  • Students undertaking a PGDE in Gaelic Education (both Primary and Secondary – Gaelic as a subject and subjects through the medium of Gaelic)
  • Students undertaking a Gaelic early years or Gaelic childcare course
  • Students undertaking a Gaelic Education Undergraduate Degree, (BA, MA Education or MA Gàidhlig with Education)
  • Teachers that are employed in a role relating to Gaelic-medium education that wish to undertake a course to develop their skills or
  • Qualified teachers looking to develop their skills to move into Gaelic-medium education.

The scheme will close at 3pm on Tuesday 3 September and all applications must be submitted before the deadline.

You can find more information about the scheme and how to apply here.

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